Pitter Patter Club

Subscribe to the Pitter Patter Club at www.nmhfoundation.ie/donate and keep up to date about how The NMH is helping mums and babies survive and thrive, day in, day out.  

Learn about advances in maternal and neonatal care.  Receive updates from consultants, researchers and midwives and hear about how you can help them tackle the challenges that lie ahead for mothers and babies. 

Every year around 9,000 babies are delivered at Holles Street.  That's about one baby every hour, 24 hours a day!  

Mums and babies receive extraordinary care around the clock, day in day out. 

By joining the Pitter Patter Club you will help raise much needed funds for mums and babies who may need the special care of The National Maternity Hospital in 2020 to arrive, survive and thrive. 

How will my donations be used?
Donations will fund:
  • Equipment and technology for Diagnosis and Neonatal Intensive Care - €150,000 is needed in 2020.
  • Hospital Support and extraordinary care - €100,000 is needed in 2020 for bereavement support, training and resources, clinical equipment, therapies and parent support.
  • Investment to find cures and treatments for women and babies - €250,000 is needed to commit to research in 2020.    

Every donation counts

€10 a month  – will help staff provide small comforts to mums, babies and visitors on each ward through the pitter patter fund. A special blanket, a comfy chair, a treatment or haircut, small comforts for visitors to our hospital, whether they’re here for a few days, a week, or months. 

€15 a month – might be used on support for our bereaved parents to purchase Moses baskets, blankets, candles, or keepsakes for families who are going through the toughest of times. We need to raise €10,000 euro to make sure mums, dads and babies have soft supports like these for 365 days in 2020.

€21 a month – could help provide breast pumps for new mums who have babies in the NICU or Neonatal ward so that the tiniest babies can receive their mothers’ milk while in hospital. We need to raise €150,000 to replace equipment all over the hospital in 2020.