My own family is only here because of them. My beautiful twin girls, Fíadh and Mila. It’s humbling to the heart just to see and hear them. I look forward to getting home from work. It’s the best part of the day. Read Megan's full story here.

Autumn Newsletter 2022

The NMH is a centre of excellence for women who need and deserve excellence in care throughout their lives. Read more here.


My complications started when I was 17 weeks pregnant - my waters ruptured around Josh. I was pregnant with twins and the risks were mounting. It was decided to put me on bed rest; I spent 7 weeks attending the day ward twice a week and monitoring my vitals at home – pulse and temperature every 4 hours to look for signs of infection. Read Sarah's full story here.


"We were obviously ecstatic to fall pregnant with Cara in 2021, however, it was a very emotional and anxious journey."  Read Cara's full story here.

Impact Report 2021

The NMH Foundation exists to help The National Maternity Hospital to provide excellence in care for mums and tiny babies from all over Ireland. Your support makes it possible for us to provide equipment where it’s most needed, advances in research and knowledge, and improvements in care for women and babies. Read more here.


Last year baby Fionn was about to spend his very first Christmas fighting for his tiny life. Maria and Keith felt like they had already been through the mill to get this far. But Fionn was so small, so fragile and needed so much care, his journey was only just beginning. Read Maria's letter here.

Autumn Newsletter 2021

Your valuable support is helping babies arrive, survive, and thrive. Did you know that in one 24-hour period, 35 babies were delivered – in one day!  Read more here.


Jack needed to fly before he was 24-hours-old!

“When I was in labour until early morning in September, the midwives noticed an irregular heartbeat and rushed me down for an emergency section." Read Jack's full story here.


In February this year our beautiful daughter, Florence, was born, though she sadly never got to take a breath or open her eyes. 

Read Florence’s full story here.


Meet mum Áine who tells her story about baby May who was born during the lockdown last Spring. Read Áine's story here.


Two years ago, Joy thought she would have a quiet Christmas while she waited for the birth of her second baby in February. But when she began haemorrhaging dangerously in mid-November, little Charlie was born by emergency C-section at only 24 weeks. He weighed just 760 grams. Read Joy's letter here.

Autumn Newsletter 2020

Thanks to you and the hundreds of NMH Foundation’s amazing supporters just like you, vital work and projects focussed on keeping women and babies safe were made possible throughout the last 6 months. Read more here.


Globally 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely. Dr Emma Dunne’s research project centers on the prevention of hypothermia in newborn preterm babies. Watch Emma's video here.


I had Phoebe in 2014 in NMH so then when the time came to want to go ahead with another pregnancy there was not anywhere else I would even dream of going, even though I live in the middle of nowhere in Wicklow. Read Rachel's full story here.


It's a normal life event in extraordinary times. Here's Lorna, a midwife at the NMH who shares why she loves her job and how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted her role. Watch Lorna's video here.