Gifts of Gratitude

Holles Street mums and dads, grannies and grandads, friends and relatives often make donations to the hospital to give thanks for a safe delivery, or to honour the short life of a lost precious child. This is a tradition that goes back to the foundation of the hospital more than 125 years ago.  

These gifts of gratitude have helped the hospital to provide extraordinary care for mums and babies through the years, and to strive for improvements in maternal and neonatal health now, and into the future. 

Your donations will help fund:
  • Equipment and technology for Diagnosis and Neonatal Intensive Care - €100,000 needed in 2022.
  • Hospital Support and extraordinary care - €75,000 needed in 2022 for bereavement support, training and resources, clinical equipment, therapies and parent support.
  • Investment to finding cures and treatments for women and babies €250,000 needed to commit to research in 2022.   

In the last 5 years alone, The NMH Foundation has raised almost €3 million to help improve hospital facilities and provide extraordinary care for babies and parents, and to strive for improved treatments, cures and knowledge through research so we can improve maternal and neonatal health in Ireland. 

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How your donations could help The NMH Foundation:
  • €50 – could help a mum or dad with a premi baby get to or from the hospital every day for a week.
  • €75 – might support our bereavement team to purchase Moses baskets, blankets, candles, or keepsakes for families who are going through the toughest of times. We need to raise €10,000 euro to make sure mums, dads and babies have soft supports like these 365 days in 2021.
  • €150 – will replace one breast pump for new mums who have babies in the NICU. We need to raise €100,000 to replace equipment all over the hospital in 2022.
  • €1,000 – would ensure ongoing training and bursaries for nurses, midwives and specialist teams in advanced maternal and neonatal care and treatment. 
  • €10,000 – could be used to help us find answers through research about premature birth and help to find cures and treatments for women with conditions like Placenta Acreta, acute morning sickness (HEG), preeclampsia, or gestational diabetes.